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Telephone hotline: 400-101-8880
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Yuanzheng Qizhen Hotel
No.866, Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou. (Inside Zijingang Campus, ZJU)
Telephone: 0571-88982888,4001018880
Marketing Department
Telephone: 0571-87952548
Yuanzheng Lingfeng Villa
No.140, Yugu Road, Hangzhou. (to the southeast of Yuquan Campus, ZJU)
Telephone: 0571-87971456,4001018880

Yuanzheng Xixi Hotel
No.1, Baochu Bei Road, Hangzhou. (to the east of Xixi Campus, ZJU)
Telephone: 0571-81953588,4001018880

Yuanzheng Shennong Hotel

Address: No.266, Kaixuan Road, Hangzhou (to the southwest of Huajiachi Campus, ZJU)
Telephone: 0571-86026088,4001018880

Yuanzheng Qiushi Mountain Villa
Villa No.70, Mogan Mountain, Deqing. (In Huzhou)
Telephone: 0572-8033279

Yuanzheng Wenjing Hotel
No.431, Kaixuan Road, Hangzhou. (to the northwest of Huajiachi Campus, ZJU)
Telephone: 0571-86439080,4001018880

Yuanzheng Genqiu Hotel
No.190, Qiutao Bei Road, Hangzhou. (to the east of Huajiachi Campus, ZJU)
Telephone: 0571-86986188,4001018880

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