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Hotel Introduction
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Address: Villa No.70, Mogan Mountain, Deqing. (In Huzhou)
Telephone: 0572-8033279

Brief introduction:
   Yuanzheng Qiushi Mountain Villa locates in the famed resort: Mogan Mountain. Mogan Mountain is famous for its cool weather in all seasons. Warm breeze in spring is succeeded by cooler one in summer, which incarnadines sugarbush in autumn and embraces flying snowflakes in winter. Mogan Mountain is renowned at home and abroad especially for its “Bamboo, cloud, spring” and “green, cool, cleanliness, tranquility”. Located below Reed Mashes scenic area and above Jianchi Pool, it enjoys a superior geographical position. Either at your room balcony or at the viewing terrace, lay before you are the mountains that stretch long and unbroken, along with flourishing woods and tall bamboos. It can’t be more suitable for you to improving your eyesight, expanding your chest, and unburden your heart when facing these inviting views. Yuanzheng Qiushi Mountain Villa owns 22 high-quality guest rooms of various standards, a Chinese-style dining room, an assembly room, a multifunctional hall, and chess rooms. Small but fully functional, it is the first choice for relaxing on holidays, as well as meeting and training.

Self-driving: 1.5 hours’ drive (60 kilometers) from Hangzhou
Bus: Take the shuttle bus at Hangzhou North bus station to Wukang. The “Mogan Mountain scenic area touring bus” will stop at your beckon.
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