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lntroduction to the Broken Bridge
The Broken Bridge always reminds people of “the three wonders of West Lake”, which are, Solitary Hill not isolated; Long Bridge not long; and Broken Bridge not broken. What are those all about?
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introduction to Hangzhou CBD
Hangzhou CBD, lying at the north side of Qiantang River, is located in the southeast of Hangzhou urban area. It is about 4.5 kilometers to the West Lake.
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Introduction to Mogan Mountain
Mogan Mountain scenic area, located in Deqing, Zhejiang, belongs to the Tianmu Mountain range. Mogan Mountain is renowned at home and abroad especially for its “Bamboo, cloud, spring” and “green, cool, cleanliness, tranquility”. It enjoys a good reputation as “the cool paradise”.
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Introduction to Deqing
Deqing, located at the center of Hangjiahu Plain in Yangtze River Delta, boasts beautiful and inviting sceneries, long history, and gathering of talents. Shenyue, a famous man of letters of Nan Dynasty; Meng Jiao, a poet of Tang Dynasty
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Introduction to Qianwang Ancestral Temple
Qianwang Ancestral Temple was built in Northern Song Dynasty, the 10th year of Xining (A.D. 1077), in memory of Qianwang, the federal king of the State of Wuyue.
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Introduction to Tianmu Mountain
Standing between Mount Huangshan and the East China Sea, Tianmu Mountain overlooks the area of Wuyue and is renowned in southeast China. Two peaks of the mountain, Daxian Peak in the east being 1480 meters high, and Xianren Peak in the west being 1506 meters high, are facing each other. On either peak there is a natural pool.
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Hangzhou MIXC: A City changing the city
Hangzhou MIXC is a super-large commercial landmark developed jointly by China Resources Co., Ltd and Sun Hung Kai, the largest land agent in Hong Kong. Situated at Qianjiang New City, the future CBD center of Hangzhou, the project covers an overall floorage of around 800,000 square kilometers, and will be conducted in Phase I and II.
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